We need to be vigilant about our choices. While I am fundamentally optimistic, threatening forces exist everywhere on earth. Much of the ongoing destruction is not overtly apparent. Never has this been more obvious. As part of greater humanity, each one of us carries the responsibility of making a conscious contribution to the evolution of this planet, the earth, our home.

Several years ago, events in the world compelled me to express my opposition to war through my art. In a departure from building large-scale metal sculptures and small objects of up-cycled materials, I stretched camouflage textiles on traditional embroidery hoops. Hoops became an integral part of an evolving body of large wall installations and suspended pieces. The hoops reference traditional women’s handiwork, a nurturing activity. The archetypal circle form, a symbol of unity and wholeness, is juxtaposed with the erratic camouflage, as well as other designs, which remind us of the dangerous violence and, ultimately, the destruction of war. 

Helen Suter



Shadow Hourglass:

An American Mandala

Textiles stretched on embroidery hoops

H 10’ x W 2’ x D 6”