the Artist Statement

Expressing the movement of invisible, subtle energy through stationary, sculptural works has been my enduring interest over many years of working as a visual artist. 

To accomplish this, I began by creating sculptural analogies in large-scale steel and mixed media constructions, drawing mainly from the designs of electrical and magnetic functional systems. The resulting sculptural systems appeared to transmit energy. A viewer, to my surprise, described my later works as “spiritual antennas”!

There has been a delicate shift in my artistic work. The transformation is in the use of materials and forms. Pieces are curved in shape, light- weight and free of density. Some move in space in response to flowing currents of air (“Venus Landing, after Botticelli” and “Prima...Primavera”). In a performance installation piece, “CUT”, the work is shaped by viewers themselves. Perhaps these changes in my artworks are a response to the similar, shifting sensations of subtle motion in my body as cultivated by a decade long practice of Continuum Movement.